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Lifelong Confidence Is What You’ll Gain After Achieving Your Goal Weight: Weight Loss Story of Geomar

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Looking for weight loss success stories to keep you going and motivated? You’ve come to the right place!

“Losing weight and getting fit truly improves so many different factors of your life because of the profound confidence and pride you gain.”

You’ve heard it straight from Geomar: the confidence you gain after successfully losing weight won’t just be about the change in your physical appearance, but in everything else that you set out to do in your life. Keep on reading to know more about his story and his advice to everyone struggling with their weight loss journey!

Current Weight: 75kgs / 165lbs

Starting Weight: 110kgs / 242lbs

Height: 186cm / 6”1

What is your name, and when did you start your weight loss journey? Could you share with us which month and/or year?

My name is Geomar Calvin Buenafe Landicho. I started my weight loss journey on exactly August 22nd 2016.

Have you reached your weight goal yet? If you haven’t, what is your goal?

Yes – I have reached my goal weight of 75-80kgs!

Why is that weight the goal? Is it by your choice or decision, or was it mentioned by a doctor, a friend or by your loved ones?

I did a lot of research based on the recommended healthy weight range for my height and age.

What was the story behind the starting weight? Could you give us an insight on how the starting weight came about?

I have always struggled with my weight. I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist in everything that I do, so you can only imagine how much pressure I put on myself to look good and be thin. The weight started packing on when I started dating my partner (I think this is a common theme in most of our lives). You really don’t realise how much weight you’ve put on until you stare at your naked body in the mirror, and think “how did this happen?” – it happened because I got comfortable and ate whatever I wanted. Added on to the fact that we went out to eat constantly, and had fast food about 3-4 times a week and BAM – suddenly I was 30kgs heavier!

But don’t take it as if I’m blaming him – no way, I love him with all my heart! But it’s safe to say that love makes you blind…and fat.

 What made you start thinking about losing weight? Was there a specific event that pushed you? If there was, what was it and why? How did that event make you feel?

There were so many different events/moments that made me start thinking about losing weight, for example – looking at old photos, having a shower and not being able to see my toes, having to wearing the same clothes over and over again because no old clothes fit (this especially hit me hard because I was/am an avid lover of men’s fashion).

It’s funny because the “one moment” that really made me re-evaluate my health and weight was this one time I was getting ready to go out, and I had to bend down and tie my shoelaces… I was running out of breath, my huge stomach was hurting being pushed against my huge thighs… all in all, it was a very horrific BUT defining moment for me. I mean – I had this problem numerous times before but for some reason or another, that one moment really pushed me over the edge.

 How did you achieve your current weight? Did you follow a specific exercise or diet program? If so, what would be those exercises and what is the diet program? Or did you make your own regimen? If you did make your own, please do share what that is with us. What was the hardest part to follow or do? Do you have a tool (or an app) that you use to help you? (It would be best if this part could be answered in a detailed way as this is the part that people would follow to help them in achieving their goals as well. Thank you so much!)

I never followed a specific program for either my diet or exercise – I just ate a calorie deficit, logged my food and exercised a lot. Yes, I know what you readers are thinking – that advice is so overdone but that is exactly how I thought as well until I tried it for myself. Logging my food and counting my calories were the two things I avoided like the plague during my previous attempts at losing weight. I have used My Fitness Pal 200 days in a row now – once I downloaded the app, and logged my food for the very first time – I’ve done it every day since.

Just like anything new, counting calories and logging food takes a lot of time to adjust to, and can get exceptionally frustrating. But I say this to everyone who asks me for advice – just try it. It may or may not work for you but ultimately – you’re better off having a go and evaluating the results than not trying at all.

Here’s another bit of advice – meal prep! It not only saves you time but money as well. I prepare my M-F lunches every Sunday night for a little under $20-25 a week. Eat a lot of vegetables – they are low in calories and contain a lot of great nutrients essential for your body, and also have a tonne of protein – chicken, fish, nuts, beans, etc!

Be somewhat strict on yourself when it comes to your eating because like they say “you can’t outrun your fork”. The reason I say “somewhat strict” is because you do not want to deprive yourself of food. Realise that food should be enjoyed, and not something that you should fear – and this is something I’m still learning how to handle myself.

Exercise – start off with a tonne of cardio, and then slowly incorporate weight training to the mix. And remember, push yourself but never hurt yourself. Learn how to differentiate between good and bad pain, and only do what your body can handle.

What is your current occupation? Does it take up a lot of time? How did you manage the time in balancing your regimen and your occupation? Could you tell us from what time to what time is your occupation, and when (or what time) do you get to start with your regimen?

I am a full-time Bookkeeper for 5 separate companies within the Technology industry, and have started studying my Diploma of Business online. Managing the balance can get very exhausting, to be honest. I currently commute to work (I hate driving in traffic!) which takes me an hour to work, and another hour back home. I get up at 5am, Monday to Friday, and don’t get home until 6-6.30 at night. So sometimes, I just want to go home, eat all the fatty food there is, and then sleep (and trust me – it gets very tempting). However, I believe my age has worked in my favour (19) as I still have that “teenage energy”, for a lack of a better term!

Was there ever a point that you thought of giving up? What was that event that made you think of giving up? Did you take a long break because of this? How did you manage to get back to your plan, what did you do to motivate yourself to keep on going?

Oh, definitely! There wasn’t just one point/moment that made me want to give up – there have been several (and probably more to come). These moments were very much more prominent in the beginning because like many others, I just wanted the weight to come off straight away. It took me a while to learn that it doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

Like I mentioned previously, I have attempted weight loss many times in the past, and failed because of the frustration of not losing 20kgs in 1 month (unfortunately I’m not exaggerating – I was very naïve). But this time, it was different. I don’t know why, and I don’t know how, but this time, I just braved through those feelings of frustration, disappointment and discouragement, and just kept going. I told myself that the world does not revolve around my feelings of despair and self-pity, so I can either give up now, and be fat and miserable forever or to man-up and push through.

There is no universal secret to staying motivated (well, not one that I know of anyway) because that “motivational high” will wear off as the months go by – mine definitely did. After the first few months, I slowly felt myself not caring that much about looking great for summer or my dream about running a fashion page – but my discipline definitely kept me in my place.

What do you think was the key factor that lead you to the success of losing weight?

The two main factors that lead to my (ongoing) success with my weight were:

  1. Hating the feeling of looking at myself in the mirror and not loving what I see, and vowing to never feel like that ever again.
  2. My love for men’s fashion, and wanting to start an Instagram page modelling clothes.

For point 2, I’m not saying that you can’t dress fashionably if you are overweight but my style is very influenced by slim fit clothing – tailor made, bespoke suits, etc. I also could not see myself posting full body photos on social media (fun fact – I completely avoided taking photos altogether once I realised how big I got! I didn’t even take any photos because I hated how round my face was).

How do you feel now that you have achieved this much? Being dedicated and seeing the results of your hard work should be able to make you feel like you can achieve anything! What is next for you?

I couldn’t say it any better, to be quite honest. Coming this far with my weight loss (and still going) has really motivated me to do so many other things in my life. This year, I have started studying, volunteering for events and festivals (I am trying to break into the event management industry), and also plan to learn how to tailor my own clothes – my Grandmother is teaching me the basics of sewing to start off with. It has made me worry so much less about where I am heading with my life because I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind and heart to! Losing weight and getting fit truly improves so many different factors of your life because of the profound confidence and pride you gain.

Do you have any advice for the people that are just starting out with their weight loss journeys? Anything that you would want to tell them when they’re about to give up and just let go of the hard work that they’ve already put in?

It. Takes. Time. Applaud yourself for all the small achievements you’ve accomplished, and don’t just make this exclusive for weight loss, apply it to the little habits that you’ve developed as well.

Focus more on photos than the scale. I take a progress photo every month, which has definitely helped me keep going. I cannot put into words the amount of pride and joy I feel whenever I compare my beginning photo to my current one – the feeling is indescribable. I am not an emotional person by all means but every now and then, I get choked up looking at my photos.

Don’t feel discouraged when people don’t start noticing your weight loss straight away – take this time to go through this journey on your own.

Lastly, realise how big of a step you’re taking. There is a challenging journey ahead of you; full of blood, sweat and tears, but I promise you that it is, and will always be, worth it!

 Finally, do you have a motivational quote that helps you or that is always in your mind whenever you’re not at your 100%? If there is, what would that be and why?

“This too shall pass” is my go-to quote that has helped me handle numerous issues in my life, not exclusive to my weight and appearance. As a person who suffered (and still do, but significantly less now) with severe anxiety –  this quote reassures me that my negative feelings will not last forever, and to keep on keeping on!

Did the interview motivate you in any way? Which part of the interview was your favorite? Share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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