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The Reason Why Patience Is Something You Must Have To Be Successful: Story of Lizzie in Lace

The Reason Why Patience Is Something You Must Have To Be Successful: Story of Lizzie in Lace
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Looking to become a fashion blogger, a fashion stylist or a fashion influencer? You’ve come to the right place!

“People think you make money right away, but, you don’t… so if you started a blog to make “easy money,” you’re in for a surprise.”

It is a very well-known fact that bloggers get compensated to review or to try out products. That is very true.. only if you’ve been working hard at it for a very long time and been producing great content consistently! If your main motivation to create a blog, or with anything at all, is to get compensated by receiving free gifts or to make money, then you might just quit sooner than you think. You have to know why you’re doing it, and you have to be patient with it; Liz knows so much about these. Read on to know more about her story!

What is your name or what should we call you, and how long have you been a stylist/blogger/influencer? Do you remember the year (maybe the day and month, too) that you started?

Hi there! I’m Elizabeth (or Liz) from the blog, Lizzie in Lace. I have been a blogger/influencer for the past two years. I started my blog on February 10, 2015 :-).

Do you have a specific style?

My style is very specific. I have always been a girly girl at heart and had a fond love for dresses so it’s only fitting that my style has evolved into such. My aesthetic is very feminine and romantic with lots of light and airy pieces as well as equally structured garments. I wear a lot of pastels and pinks as well as lighter neutrals such as grey and cream. I do wear dresses and skirts about 95% of the time, but have been adding a few more pants outfits, still with the same romantic and whimsical quality as my other outfits. I am always true to my style, but constantly experimenting with color, textures, embellishments and shapes. My readers say they feel like they are in a “fairy-tale.”!

Why did you want to become a blogger or an influencer? Was there anything that happened that triggered you to become one? Did you see something or someone online, or was it because of your avid interest for fashion?

I originally started out as a prospective fashion designer, something I have wanted since I was a child. I love to create and work with my hands; whether that be through sculpture or figure drawing, and now photography. Unfortunately, there were always road blocks on my design path keeping me from my dream. I ended up settling for a job that I wasn’t passionate about and needed a creative outlet. I discovered blogging and thought that I could do that too! After all, my work outfits were always the topic of daily conversation. What a dream to  be able to share them with the world and push myself to think in a more creative way. In starting my blog, I have found a passion that I never knew that I truly had and I’m thankful that I had the courage to take the leap.

How did you start? Did you start with social medias first, then made a site? Or did you start off with a website together with the social medias?

I started with a site, then expanded into social media. I did not have any social media accounts prior to starting the blog so I basically started from scratch. I really had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I used to make fun of Instagram and it is now my fastest growing platform that has opened SO many doors. Through growing my account, I have realized that I am absolutely in love with Instagram and love that it allows me to think both logically and creatively while giving me goals to achieve.

If it was social medias first, how long did you have to wait to create your own site? Was there like a specific goal first and then after reaching that, you created the site? What were those goals?

I started my site first and started my social accounts shortly after. No goals at first. I just knew that I needed those sites because everyone else had them to promote their material. I didn’t realize the full importance until well into my blogging career. Your social channels should be an extension of your blog and brand and I have worked very hard to achieve that. With that being said, although my Instagram is technically an extension of my blog, it has almost taken on a life of it’s own so it’s in this funny stage where it is part of the blog, but also it’s own individual platform.

Which website are you using for your blog (WordPress, Blogpost, etc.)? Do you have a reason as to why you chose this website? If so, what were they?

I am currently using Blogger, but am looking to switch to WordPress in the coming months for a site re-launch. I chose Blogger like most beginning bloggers do – it was free. Blogger is great for hobby bloggers that don’t see themselves turning it into a business and even though I eventually wanted to turn it into a business, I wasn’t confident that I could do it and was terrified at the same time, plus, I didn’t have extra funds for something that may or may not come to fruitation. Looking back, I wish I would have started with WordPress as the switch to a business is much easier and the site is easier to customize for a professional look.

Which social medias did you use in the beginning? Which one do you think was the most helpful one in terms of reaching your audience? Why did you think that it was the best medium to use

I used (and still use) Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instagram has definitely been the most helpful and I think that it’s because it’s such a visually stimulating platform, which is important for something like fashion blogging. It’s the platform that brands are most interested in and the fastest growing of all of them. Instagram is essential in building any business because you can reach a much more targeted audience. Having a specific audience is the key to building a brand and a business.

Do you use more social medias now compared to when you were just starting? If so, which social medias have you added?

I tried to add Snapchat, but I think I’m just too busy to be posting on there all the time and, to be honest, my days are not usually too exciting.. ha! I do want to add a more personal network in order for my readers to get to know me a bit better though. I think that YouTube could help with that and I am planning to expand into video territory later on in the future.

How often do you post on your social medias when you were in the beginning stages? Was there a specific time that you thought was the best to post?

I did not post nearly as much as I do now. I just posted whenever and didn’t really care about engagement or image quality. I am extremely picky now with what content goes on my social channels. For Instagram, I normally post 1-2 times a day with varying times. Since I get the most engagement and growth from Instagram, that’s the one I choose to focus most of my energy on. With other socials, I try to post once a day.

What camera were you using when you started? Did you have a photographer or you took the photos by yourself? Would you be able to compare the quality of the photos from when you were just starting and to how it is now? What were the changes?

I started with a point and shoot (Nikon Coolpix). Nothing fancy, but it’s an okay camera for the price. My sister originally shot my photos and once she moved, the responsibility fell on my husband. We just upgraded to a Canon Rebel t6i four months ago and it is, hands down, the best purchase I have ever made. The photo quality is like night and day. I was embarrassed of my previous photos, but now I am proud of them and it makes me want to experiment more. They look more professional and definitely have higher quality. I have seen an influx of followers and brand collaborations just from upgrading the photography. I am definitely not a photographer, so I am still working on my editing skills and finding my brand “image.”

Was there a specific blog post or social media post that made you go “Wow!” because of the amount of likes, follows or interactions it received? What was that post?

Well, I used to sell for a clothing brand called Lularoe when I started the blog. I wrote a post detailing my experience as a consumer and a boutique owner. The company exploded around the time I sold it off, which resulted in a huge increase of people looking for information on the opportunity since it was not readily available. Their curiosity lead them to my very detailed blog post and it has continually been the most read post over the course of my two years! Since selling off, I wanted to separate myself from the brand since it didn’t embody my personal style and at a time, I wanted to delete the post. I ultimately decided to keep it up because even though it wasn’t part of my life anymore, it could add value to someone else.

How was your first year of becoming an influencer? Others have said that the first year is the hardest, for any business in fact. Was there ever a point that you didn’t think it would work? Did you ever get demotivated? If you did, what happened and how did you go through that obstacle?

It wasn’t too bad actually. I didn’t go into blogging thinking I would make any money from it. I think that’s why people get discouraged. You see others making money or getting more/different opportunities and think that because you are not in that place, you never will be which is untrue because much like anything else, it takes time so patience is an important factor. I never went into blogging expecting anything in return. I didn’t expect for people to actually read it and comment. I didn’t expect my following to grow to some massive number. I didn’t expect for brands to approach me at all. I simply started because I had the passion for it. I love fashion so much and wanted to share it with everyone. Because of this mindset, I never got discouraged in the beginning. All of the things that have happened as a result of the blog, big and small, have blown my mind! It’s not to say that a lot of hard work went into it behind the scenes, but I don’t take things for granted and am amazed by even the smallest things. The only hard part was dedicating time. At the time, I worked 70+ hours a week out of town, including owning the boutique and teaching music…BUT I still found time to be consistent in my blogging and that has made the biggest difference. I wanted it so much that I knew I had to make it happen, even if it meant working to point of physical exhaustion just to pursue my dream.

As an influencer, there must be a lot of times that you were contacted for a collaboration, do you remember the first time you were sponsored by a brand? Do you remember which brand it was and what it was that you received?

My first collaboration was within a few months of starting the blog. It was for SheIn and I remember being so excited. I just couldn’t believe that someone actually wanted to send me something to style! I got my first paid sponsorship only a few months ago, so this is another thing you have to be patient about. People think you make money right away, but, you don’t… so if you started a blog to make “easy money,” you’re in for a surprise. Regarding collaborations, I believe that it is SO important to only work with brands that match your aesthetic. In the beginning, you will want to work with every brand that approaches you, but it’s important to remain true to yourself and your audience.

Receiving that from the brand, how did it make you feel? For many bloggers, that must have been such an achievement! Did you celebrate when it happened or was there anything that you did in particular to celebrate?

The first one was exciting, but it wasn’t until my most recent collaboration with Kohl’s that I actually felt like I had achieved something. I keep a list of “dream collaborations” and the Lauren Conrad line for Kohl’s is on there. It’s my favorite clothing line ever and I just LOVE her! Imagine my excitement when they actually contacted me! I nearly died! It was a serious pinch-me moment and I couldn’t believe that this huge brand would want to work with a little blogger like me. Our aesthetics match up perfectly so it was a match made in heaven. Happy tears were most definitely shed (and maybe a mini dance party haha!).

Do you have any advice to the future influencers/bloggers/stylists? Do you have any few words for them that they could keep in their minds to keep them motivated or inspired?

Stay true to yourself and your brand ALWAYS! Be patient and positive. Take risks and set yourself apart. Don’t compare yourself to others. They have worked many years to build their reputation and brand so, of course, as a new blogger, you will not be at the same level. Have this push you instead of deter you from your passion. It will all come together if you stay consistent, remain authentic and create meaningful relationships with your readers and brands. If there is a blogger you adore, reach out to them and ask for advice. Above all, remember why you are doing this and don’t give up. It’s not an easy road, but it never is for the things that mean the most.

Finally, do you have a motivational quote that could surely motivate you whenever you are feeling demotivated? If there is, what would that be?

“If not now, then when?”


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  • Jodie Filogomo

    I love Liz—she has such a creative eye and it’s so refreshing to see a woman love dresses & skirts like she does!