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Why Earning A Living Doing What You Love Is The Best Feeling: Story of All That Choices

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Looking to become a fashion blogger, a fashion stylist or a fashion influencer? You’ve come to the right place!

“I never thought that I would ever earn money with it or it would become my job!”

As cliché as it may sound, the best feeling in the world is when you earn a living doing what you love to do, especially not knowing that it’s possible. Don’t you think so? Read on to know more about Laura’s story!

What is your name or what should we call you, and how long have you been a stylist/ blogger/influencer? Do you remember the year (maybe the day and month, too) that you started?

Hi there, I’m Laura and the editor and founder of the blog All That Choices. I’m a blogger for one and a half year now and I’m in the middle of my first big relaunch.

Do you have a specific style?

It’s difficult to tell something about my style. I think it’s a mixture of street fashion and some specific highlights in every outfit. For example, I mix my silver metallic booties or fake fur sandals with my whole outfit. It’s really important to me that I wear what I like. There are many amazing bloggers that have beautiful outfits, but they’re just too expensive or too extraordinary.

Why did you want to become a blogger or an influencer? Was there anything that happened that triggered you to become one? Did you see something or someone online, or was it because of your avid interest for fashion?

While I was studying, I worked in many fashion stores and, I’ve always had a passion for fashion. I really never thought that so many people would love what I do!

How did you start? Did you start with social medias first, then made a site? Or did you start off with a website together with the social medias?

I started with Instagram, and after one year, people have been asking me if I had my own blog. That’s why I started my own, which was in the winter of 2015.

Which website are you using for your blog (WordPress, Blogpost, etc.)? Do you have a reason as to why you chose this website? If so, what were they?

I have my own domain; currently using WordPress. I’m not an IT-expert so I started to use what everybody said is the best!

Which social medias did you use in the beginning? Which one do you think was the most helpful one in terms of reaching your audience? Why did you think that it was the best medium to use

For myself, and my target audience, Instagram is definitely the best social media platform. Facebook isn’t my best friend, and in Germany, there are more older users who aren’t on Instagram.

Do you use more social medias now compared to when you were just starting? If so, which social medias have you added?

I just added Facebook, because I thought it’s a must to be done, but I don’t really post much on it. However, when Snapchat came up, I used it frequently, but when Instagram released their version of the “stories”, everyone had to decide which one is better. I’ve chosen Instagram’s. Another fashion-focused platform is Lookbook, which I use for special outfit pictures.

How often do you post on your social medias when you were in the beginning stages? Was there a specific time that you thought was the best to post?

In the beginning, I posted 3 times a day. It wasn’t that much work, because I used my Phone and a simple filter. I posted early in the morning, when it’s time for lunch and in the evening (10pm).

What camera were you using when you started? Did you have a photographer or you took the photos by yourself? Would you be able to compare the quality of the photos from when you were just starting and to how it is now? What were the changes?

I only used my phone in the beginning. There where a lot of selfies, which I really don’t like anymore! It was absolutely enough, but when my channel got bigger, I started using a Nikon camera, which I got on my birthday, and the difference was amazing! My boyfriend does 90% of all pictures and most of the time, he isn’t that happy about it ;). When you focus on the quality of your pictures, your followers will eventually come. You must always think like your followers, and, to be honest, who likes bad quality pictures?

Was there a specific blog post or social media post that made you go “Wow!” because of the amount of likes, follows or interactions it received? What was that post?

There are always new posts that went crazy! One of them was a collage of an outfit I posted on Lookbook. It was regrammed and I got so many new followers on that day.

How was your first year of becoming an influencer? Others have said that the first year is the hardest, for any business in fact. Was there ever a point that you didn’t think it would work? Did you ever get demotivated? If you did, what happened and how did you go through that obstacle?

My first year was really hard because I started it as a hobby. I never thought that I would ever earn money with it or it would become my job! Brands know that a fashion influencer’s posts have huge value. I got sponsored products and always posted them for free, but I don’t do that anymore. In my opinion, influencer marketing is a normal marketing strategy that should be paid fairly.

As an influencer, there must be a lot of times that you were contacted for a collaboration, do you remember the first time you were sponsored by a brand? Do you remember which brand it was and what it was that you received?

Yes, that’s right! I receive a lot of e-mail everyday from different brands. I have to choose wisely, thought, as to who I should or should not collaborate with. I remember the first sponsored product very well! It was that kind of detox tea that promises you will lose wait if you drink it. Quite interesting!

Receiving that from the brand, how did it make you feel? For many bloggers, that must have been such an achievement! Did you celebrate when it happened or was there anything that you did in particular to celebrate?

I was very excited that someone gave me a product for free! It’s always a pleasure to read the e-mails and see that the brand is really interested in me and my work!

Do you have any advice to the future influencers/bloggers/stylists? Do you have any few words for them that they could keep in their minds to keep them motivated or inspired?

These are what every blogger and influencer should keep in mind:

  1. Be yourself! Don’t look so much at what others do. Don’t copy others!
  2. Be honest with your readers and followers! Tell them when you don’t like something. Don’t promote everything! It looks fake. Answer the questions you receive.
  3. Your work has a worth! It’s a job like any other else! Don’t let brands use you.

Finally, do you have a motivational quote that could surely motivate you whenever you are feeling demotivated? If there is, what would that be?

“You design the life you love”


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